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Ice Cream Party

Get to Know Us

The owners are Eric and Heather Wegner. who started CoolWag in 2015 and have been going strong ever since. We decided to add an upscale groom shop and spa with retail when Crystal Flat's approached us to see if we wanted to run a shop in their development, we said, "YES"!

Our team is here to serve you and your pup. From providing a relaxing and safe environment for grooming and spa services to providing the highest quality foods and products in our retail store to fun pet-themed gifts for both humans and pups; we hope to have what you need.

We also have a selection of natural supplements and products to promote healthy immune systems and aid in healing problems for your pup.

We offer complimentary transportation between Crystal sPAWs and CoolWag and have been known to pick up a pup or two if in the surrounding area (within 5 miles). 

And don't forget to get your pup a pupper-cone. We have dog-friendly flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings, just for dogs... yummmy!

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Fun Events Put on By CoolWag and Crystal sPAWs!

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