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Why we charge for no-shows and late cancellations that can't be filled by another client.

How groomers are paid?

They are paid on commission + tips. They don't make a salary or even an hourly rate. This is standard in the pet grooming industry. So, if they don't have a pet to groom (work),  they don't make any money.

Additionally our shop is a quality over quantity shop. Many shops take care of 10+ dogs a day per groomer so if one doesn't show or cancels, the groomers still do ok; however, we limit the number of pets our groomers see a day so that they can spend the time needed to do an amazing job. This may not be due to the hair cut but might be an attitude or shyness that needs time and care to work with. Your pet may not need extra time; but the shop is set up to give the time needed for your pet. For that reason, one pet not showing up (or cancelling too late for us to fill the spot) will make a significant impact on our groomers pay. 

We have the best groomers and customer service in Northwest Arkansas and we need to make sure they are taken care of. We will work with you if there is an emergency or something comes up that is unavoidable.

IF WE CAN FILL YOUR SPOT, we will apply the no-show/cancellation charge as a credit onto your account for the future or remove it. If we can fill your spot, we will text you to let you know when we remove the fee.

We might be able to help you avoid the noshow/cancellation if you just ask. We have a dog bus and the owner even picks up or drops dogs off for clients when there is an emergency, if possible and requested. We also have the luxury of CoolWag if the timing doesn't work out.. you can drop them off early or pick them up late. You just need to sign up with them first! 

Also.. so you aren't caught with an appointment that you forgot about:

1. We send a text reminder 5 days before your appointment. You can cancel or modify your appointment at that time with no fees.

2. After the 5 days, we will charge 50% of the service until the next reminder, which goes out at 2 days before the service.

3. After that day (from one day before your appointment), if there is a no-show, cancellation or modification, we will charge 100% of the service fee.

Also, we will do our best to fill the vacated appointment spot on our calendar including posting to Facebook and Instagram immediately upon notice for anyone looking for an earlier appointment (hint to check here for last-minute appointments).

Last-Minute Appointment Changes: About
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