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How to get your dogs nails short, and then keep them there.

If your dog doesn't run a lot or doesn't naturally "file" their nails on their own, you need to clip them and/or file them. If the hood supply "quick" has grown out with the nail, we can't clip it short enough because it will bleed and is sensitive to the dog (occasionally on black nails we may accidentally catch it if it's grown out past where it normally does but it's not intentional and we stay calm and apply pressure and a clotting agent which works quickly... staying calm is very important.)

The quick won't grow past the inner fleshy part.

So, what do we need to do? Clip back or use a grinder/Dremel every week to take off 1/8"-1/4" of the outer layer of the nail. When we do that, the quick will quickly recede, giving us a chance to go shorter the next time. Here's the catch, the next time needs to be soon before it has a chance to grow out again.

So we have a package for our long-nailed friends: Get six weekly Dremel sessions ... you have to schedule them all at the time of booking and bri g your dog every week. We've found that you can skip a week if you need to and we will add it to the end but, only one skip is allowed.

And guess what, It works! If you find agtwrnwe get them ice and short that they are growing back too fast, keep them on a maintenance mail Dremel between grooming appointments.. like once every three weeks. Some dogs may need it more.

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