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NorthWest Arkansas' Coolest Dog Destination


Dog Walking (for Crystal Flats' Residents Only)

CoolWag's Dog Walker program is led by Certified trainers. Your pup will go out for a potty break or a longer walk to exercise. If the weather isn't walk-friendly then after taking them to potty outside they will come back to enjoy the conditioned temperatures. If they are signed up for Potty Plus, they will spend the remainder of the time playing fun training games! 

We will need a key for for your door and for you to supply a well fitted harness and leash. We will bring a slip lead for added safety. 

This service is currently only available for Crystal Flats' Residents. 

This is a package service with automatic billing on a weekly basis. Once you click on the button below, You will be able to sign up for a single walk (at the bottom of the service list). Your sign up will trigger a call where we will discuss the days of the week and times that we will provide the service. Reminder that this is a scheduled, subscription-based service and not available as a pay-as-you-go offering.  

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Play First w Transportation

If you would like to drop off early or have your pup play before they get their bath or haircut, bring them to CoolWag and we will arrange bring them to us for their groom. Make sure you schedule your groom appointment at Crystal sPAWs (using the “Make Appointment” button above and before you submit your request for an appointment, make a NOTE above the submit button that lets us know that we need to get them from CoolWag) and at least 2 days in advance. Go to to sign up for the playtime “daycare” with transportation (please follow all the steps if a new client) and if already a client of CoolWag, you can go to to schedule the daycare. Please put in the notes that they need to come to Crystal sPAWs and in their Crystal sPAWs appointment notes that they will be at CoolWag!

Image by Joe Caione

Daycare & Hotel Services

CoolWag offers 5 acres dedicated to dogs and their owners. The facility is staffed 24x7 (Yes a human stays with the dogs overnight.. a sort of slumber party chaperone).

Group play is in multiple indoor and outdoor yards to separate guests into playgroups based on size, age and play-style, to our hotel with varying types of accommodation based on what your dog does best. This includes slumber party WITH a human, doggy dens or crates.

Daycare dogs get to participate in enrichments including group play, human interaction and other enrichment activities. 

Also offered is training through either group classes or private sessions from one of our certified trainers.


Training & Dog Sports

CoolWag has a team of professional certified trainers on staff. They work with the dogs during daycare, help them acclimate to the other dogs/people or work out some minor issues that they may be having with their friends and/or make suggestions to their owners on how we may be able to help with manners and other potential problems. They use LIMA (Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive) in training and ONLY use positive reinforcement training with the daycare/hotel guests and puppies. 

The trainers are certified and experienced. Because they work with many different dogs and do it full time they have so many opportunities to learn and grow as trainers and bring that knowledge to you and your dog. Training dogs is amazing.. training dogs and humans is even more amazing. They teach our dog's humans how to speak dog, how to understand how a dog learns and how to make training a game so everyone has fun.  

Obedience to sports... all fun and games! 

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